Remarkable Minimalism

We designed Tala’s earphone upheld to the classic Minimalism——whole white painting surface brings you the pure pleasure of music and solid quality. No matter how time flew, true  masterpiece will not faded.

Supreme music experience

Tala's earphone have three sizes (S/M/L) of custom comfortable 

silicone ear tips for different needs. High quality audio signal 

transmission ensures outstanding HiFi performance. The sound comes out is 

loud and clear. Strong bass stereo makes the beats more energetic. 

From the symphony 、opera to the hardcore rock. It is your best partner 

to roam the kingdom of music.

Button Remote

Volume Slider control lets you quickly adjust the volume while listening 

to music, watching movies, or talking on call.

Press once to play or pause/answer or hang up; 

Press twice to shift to next track; Press thrice to shift to previous track.

Additional Information

Impedance : 16Ω+_15%

Sensitivity: 100dB+_ 3dB

Frequency: 20Hz----20KHz

Connector: 3.5mm


Wire: Environmental TPE 1.2M